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There will be a full day of pre-conference workshops on October 25, 2020, and a wide variety of concurrent breakout sessions and workshops on October 26-28, 2020. Whether you are new to the field, deepening your experience, or are among the field’s experts, you are certain to find sessions to deepen your knowledge.
Session Strands & Formats


The majority of Symposium sessions fall into one or more major category or “strand,” representing topics that are critical to the field of personalized, competency-based education and related policy and research. Each strand is a carefully curated selection of focused sessions and workshops. Attendees can follow one strand for an in-depth, wide-ranging view of the topic or select multiple sessions and workshops from multiple strands to meet their learning objectives.

  1. Designing New Learning Models / Redesign
  2. Modernizing Professional Learning
  3. Advancing Policy & Advocacy
  4. Building an Evidence Base: Research & Evaluation
  5. Shifting to Competency-Based Education
  6. Advancing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  7. Ensuring Continuity of Learning
  8. Anytime / Anywhere Learning
  9. Other


Design Workshop

In Design Workshops, participants will leave the session with a plan for implementing new learning models in their classroom, school, district, state, or country. The goal of these 2 hour and 15-minute workshops are to assist participants in implementing competency-based, personalized learning models for students. Design Workshops are typically set in table rounds and placed in smaller rooms to allow for maximum interactivity.

Hands-On Workshop

The Hands-On Workshop is a 2 hour and 15-minute interactive enrichment session that allows for a longer in-depth investigation of a particular topic, tool, or practice, and provides hands-on training. Preview materials are encouraged and can be made available prior to the Symposium via the mobile application.

Knowledge Sharing

One-hour knowledge sharing sessions are meant for deep discussion among participants. The discussion leader will spend no more than five minutes introducing the topic(s) and format to kick off the session. This sets the stage for participants to interact and discuss general topics related to specific roles or topics in K-12 next-generation learning.


A Seminar is an interactive, one-hour conversation with attendees using a variety of formats to share trends, research, policy, and other information of interest to the field. Session leaders are encouraged to provide preview material on their topic in advance of the Symposium via the dedicated mobile application.

Debate or Panel

In these one-hour sessions, discussants will engage in a lively debate around the selected topic.

Interactive Discussion

Interactive Discussions feature three to four expert presenters engaged in a moderated discussion with dynamic audience participation. The session leaders are encouraged to prepare questions for audience members to reflect on before the session. Interactive Discussions last one hour and are typically placed in larger rooms set in table rounds and allow for audience participation.