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Registering for the Symposium

When will registration open?

Registration is scheduled to open April 8th, 2020.

What is included with a Symposium registration?

Registration includes access to over 200 sessions, workshops, and keynote addresses. In addition, your registration fee covers all food and beverages served during the Symposium, and the evening networking event.

Are pre-conference workshops included in my Symposium registration?

No. Pre-conference workshops, held on October 25, 2020, are offered for an additional fee.

I have already registered for the symposium but did not register for a pre-conference workshop at the time of registering. Can I add a pre-conference workshop to my existing registration?

Yes. You will receive instructions on how to add a pre-conference workshop to an existing registration.

Is it possible to transfer a registration?

Yes. You may transfer a registration from one person to another at no additional cost.

Presenter Information

When will the RFP open for presentation proposal submissions?

The RFP will open on March 23, 2020.

When will we be notified if our proposal is accepted?

You will receive an email notification sometime in June if your proposal has been accepted, waitlisted, or declined.

How many presenters can lead a session?

There is a limit of six presenters: a lead presenter and five co-presenters.

I submitted a proposal and listed several co-presenters. Will everyone receive notification of acceptance?

Yes. The submitter and all presenters will receive correspondence regarding their presentation proposal. However, it is the lead presenter’s responsibility to communicate pertinent information regarding the session/workshop to their co-presenters.

May I make changes to my proposal after it’s been accepted?

Yes. You will be notified of dates to edit your proposal via email. This includes replacing or removing presenters.

My proposal has been accepted. What is provided in each room?

All of the pre-conference workshops and breakout sessions are equipped with a screen (16:9 ratio for presentations), LCD projector, wireless hand-held and lavalier microphones, chairs for the panelists, external speakers for sound; wireless internet service, and a hard-wired connection for the presenter. Each room is set in table rounds of ten.

Do you provide laptops?

No. Presenters must bring their own computer. If you are presenting on a Mac, it is important that you provide a VGA converter and remote.

Do you provide pens, markers, and post-it notes?

It is the responsibility of the presenters to bring the necessary office supplies for their presentation.

When will session content be posted on the Symposium website?

Session content will be posted on the website in Summer 2020.

Hotel Information

Do I need to reserve my hotel room, or does the Symposium registration include my hotel reservation?

You are responsible for booking your own hotel room. Hotels are listed on the symposium website with links to receive the negotiated conference rate.

What is the deadline for booking a hotel room?

Each hotel has a different cut-off date to receive the conference rate. Be sure to check the Travel and Lodging information on the Symposium website.

Innovation Corner

When will sponsorship opportunities be posted?

Sponsorship information will be available in late March 2020.