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During post-pandemic refections, it became apparent that students were not equipped with the skills required for remote learning environments. This panel will present intentional elements required to ensure student agency is cultivated and developed and apply them to an instructional planning model. The presentation will include the 10 essential elements required for fostering agentic behavior, as well as the three dimensions of agency: Self, Others, and Environment, based on New Zealand research.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Become aware of the 10 essential elements fostering agentic behaviors; examine your own environments as a comparison and identify a priority area.
  2. Examine essential questions linked to the three dimensions of agency and then determine on a scale of one (1) to five (5) your school status.
  3. Examine an instructional management model focused on agentic behavior and identify where instructional planning is more aligned with personalization.


  • Derek Wenmoth, FutureMakers (NZ)
  • Marsha Jones, University of Arkansas
  • Shelly Poage, John Tyson Elementary School
  • Miller, John Tyson Elementary School
  • Joe DiMartino, Center for Secondary School Redesign, Inc.
  • Audrey, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School
  • Jevin, Helen Tyson Middle School