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New Federal & State Policy Updates

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What's New in K-12 Competency-Based Education

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2020 Virtual Symposium Keynote & Breakout Session Videos Available


Learn about Upcoming Events & Webinars


New Federal & State Policy Updates

What's New in K-12 Competency-Based Education

2020 Virtual Symposium Keynote & Breakout Session Videos Available

Learn about Upcoming Events & Webinars

Innovation for Education Equity: Our Work Is Designed to Help Practitioners and Policymakers

Our Theory of Action

The Aurora Institute catalyzes systemic change in K-12 education by focusing on three levers: policy and advocacy, field-building and knowledge creation, and convening and connecting.

Our Work
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Change Driven by Research

Our work informs and activates feedback loops for research and practice, examining emerging knowledge and producing insights that advance the field.

Action Research Center

Issues that Matter Most

We collect data, analyze trends, and share policy and practice solutions. To advance future-focused, student-centered learning, we focus our work on transformative education issues.

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Resources to Drive Action

Our resources guide practitioners, educators, policymakers, and advocates seeking to shift from our current state of education to a future state in which all students are prepared to succeed. Use this section to search for published reports, briefs, webinars, and other learning resources on key topics related to policy and practice for next generation learning.

Advancing Competency-Based Education State Policy Across the U.S.

This map provides a national snapshot of state policies across the United States to enable and advance K-12 competency-based education systems (CBE). Every year, more states establish pilots, innovation zones, and new initiatives to create space for educational innovations. Click below for details on each state.

Center for Policy

Advanced States

States with clear policies in support of competency-based education and established roles in building educator capacity in local systems for competency-based education.

Developing States

States with pilots for competency-based education, and/or credit flexibility policies for school districts to transition to competency education.

Emerging States

States getting started with task forces; some state policy flexibility requiring waivers for systems to shift to competency-based education.

No Active Policy in CBE

States focus on seat-time credits without competency-based pathways.

We Are Now the Aurora Institute.

After 17 years of driving educational change under the names NACOL and iNACOL, the time has come to create a forward-reaching identity that reflects all of who we are and all of what we do.

Our Story

2020 Symposium 

Recordings Now Available
All content from the first virtual Symposium is now available, including keynotes, breakout sessions, and book club events.


CompetencyWorks is a field hub for analysis and an openly available resource for the latest information about competency-based education.