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Competency-based education (CBE) is more than understanding proficiency levels and assessment practices. We must take context into account and deeply understand who learners are, what they love, and what they value. Join experts from around the country to discover entry points to competency-based learning, how to get started, and how to lay the foundation for learner-centered practices and approaches to begin to truly transform from traditional time-bound systems to equitable learner-centered systems.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explore strategies for getting started with the shift to competency-based education.
  2. Explore how to co-design with students and communities to empower a shift to equitable learning for all.
  3. Gain a thorough understanding of what CBE is, and how to start the shift in your community.


  • Rebecca Midles, Getting Smart
  • Claudette Trujillo, Westminster Public Schools
  • Deion A. Jordan, Crosstown High
  • Cinnamon Scheufele, Lindsay Unified School District