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The continuum of competency-based implementation includes measuring effectiveness, but most importantly, evolving and innovating in response to our most important stakeholders, our learners. Developing school choice models is critical to intentionally mapping equitable opportunities for the interests of all learners. Westminster Public Schools has implemented a variety of key competency-based school choice models with intentional designs to prepare learners for the day after graduation.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Engage in new ways of developing competency models to rise up to student agency demands.
  2. Understand how systemic/systematic planning and stakeholder input drives next steps of competency-based design models.
  3. Explore presenters’ design models to ignite your own ideas and map out possibilities to implement in your school and district communities.


  • Claudette Trujillo, Westminster Public Schools
  • Jeni Gotto, Westminster Public Schools
  • Brenda Martin, Westminster Public Schools
  • Russ Warwick, Westminster Public Schools