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As the field shifts from the chaos of 2020 to the opportunity for sustained innovation in 2021 and beyond, Colorado school districts are embracing new partnerships through Governor innovation grants, Khan-Academy-enabled worldwide tutoring, and community mobilizing that share resources and break down silos. This session will highlight redesign within reach by reaching beyond K-12 to leverage untapped talents and discover new opportunities for student-centered, equity-seeking learning and relationships.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explore multiple approaches to leveraging partnership to ignite new learning experiences, including virtual tutoring, community mobilization, and state innovation grants.
  2. Learn about structural, policy, financial, and practice enablers and barriers to engaging in and sustaining open system partnership beyond COVID-19 response and through recovery.
  3. Rethink roles of students, parents, out-of-school-time organizations, and other community, workforce, early childhood, and higher education partners to these ends.


  • Landon Mascareñaz, Colorado Education Initiative