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In the midst of the pandemic, 19 Chicago Public School teachers came together to design experiences that would engage students’ hearts, hands, and minds. They created Performance-Based Assessments that would enable students to explore issues of social justice while demonstrating both academic learning and social-emotional skills. In this session, we’ll explore teacher-created materials and student work and discuss how teachers can weave these three components into their own teaching.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Consider how teachers can include social-emotional learning activities in a wide variety of classrooms.
  2. Explore Performance-Based Assessments designed to enable students to demonstrate content-area and transferable skills while learning about social justice issues.
  3. Discuss various methods of enabling students to self-assess and reflect on transferable and social-emotional skills.


  • Kate Gardoqui, Great Schools Partnership
  • Damarr Smith, Chicago Public Schools
  • Tonya Howell, Intonation Music