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The Learner Identity and Agency Guidebook aggregates the leading research, thinking, and strategies from experts to help educators create spaces for new identities to flourish. Educators must understand the context of students’ lives, including the real challenges and obstacles they face; historical oppression, systemic racism, and socioeconomic background; connect from an assets-based mindset; develop cultural competence; and balance social-emotional and academic learning.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn how to build the capacity of schools to deliver more equitable outcomes for students through the explicit development of identity and agency.
  2. Access a set of professional learning resources that will help educators and schools create learning environments that build identity and agency.
  3. Help students learn how to navigate obstacles and personal challenges—skills that will set them up for success in school and beyond.


  • Bennison Ntsakey, Brooklyn LAB
  • Amir, Brooklyn LAB
  • Joseph South, ISTE