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Did you have lofty ideals for school redesign before the COVID-19 pandemic, but weren’t sure how to do them at scale? Hear from three educators about how their vision for high school models has shifted as a result of COVID-19. Panelists include Kimberly Neal-Brannum of Believe Schools, Stefin Pasternak of Living School, and Tony Monfiletto of Future Focused Education.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify opportunities to increase youth agency and democracy into your redesign models.
  2. Interrogate beliefs about who should have agency in school design.
  3. Identify school-community partnerships for pathways programs.



  • Rhonda Broussard, Beloved Community
  • Kimberly Neal-Brannum, Believe Schools
  • Stefin Pasternak, Living School
  • Tony Monfiletto, Future Focused Education