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 The time for invention is now — to leapfrog school-by-school transformation to whole-system transformation. What if we invent a system that enables vibrant ecosystems of learning grounded in equity, community, and youth empowerment — one that is life-affirming and organized to thrive? Join Education Reimagined’s Kelly Young for a thought-provoking panel to explore what it will take to organize, support, and credential learning in fundamentally new ways for a fundamentally different purpose.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Be inspired by the vision for equitable, community-based, learner-centered ecosystems and the difference it would make for our children, families, and communities.
  2. Gain a deepened awareness of the opportunities, challenges, and questions that come with advancing an ecosystem agenda both locally and at a state and national level.
  3. Be emboldened to see new near- and long-term actions to advance new policies, tools, and resources aimed at making ecosystems visible and actionable for local communities.


  • Kelly Young, Education Reimagined
  • Kalei Delovio, The Met High School
  • David Cook, Kentucky Department of Education
  • Kimo Kippen, Aloha Learning Advisors