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Through a year-long research and storytelling project, we dove deep with five student-centered schools across the country to ask: How have student-centered practices enabled resiliency in the face of a pandemic? How are schools documenting and measuring success? Ultimately, what lessons and evidence can we take from this challenging period as we pivot to a more student-centered future? We’ll summarize findings through a conversation with participating practitioners and researchers.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand student-centered practices used to adapt to distance learning in a pandemic—and to heal and recover as we move beyond it.
  2. Understand success indicators and measurement strategies student-centered schools use to gauge student and school success.
  3. Be able to identify practices and success indicators that could be useful in your own school, district, or system.



  • Lars Esdal, Education Evolving
  • Sara Kemper, Education Evolving
  • Ginger Spickler, Crosstown High
  • Rebekah Kang, UCLA Community School