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Reduce “learning loss” by providing daily mental health, trauma-informed support for students. Our panel will unpack how a school wide approach, the Collective Care Continuum (C3), based on current research, supports students, families, and staff in dealing with the effects of untreated mental health/trauma on brain development. Learn how to empower students to create a healthy space in their minds and experience resiliency, which they carry into their future.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand daily toxic stress. Students experiencing deprivation wake up and go to sleep experiencing daily toxic stress, which is the true creator of learning loss.
  2. Understand how attachment and relationship, a deep and enduring emotional bond between a student and a caring adult, is key to mitigating learning loss and increasing academic success.
  3. Understand why mental health is not a linear experience. You cannot schedule it into homeroom with a mini social emotional learning course. An emotional breakdown doesn’t happen when the counselor is free.


  • Alfonso Paz, PazLo Education Foundation
  • Cesar Lopez, PazLo Education Foundation
  • Ana Solis, Student