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Stories about education during the pandemic often focus on deficits and loss, but its critical narratives also surface what was learned and how to take gains into the future. In this session, hear findings from a 20-district study on innovation shifts during COVID-19. What were the “hops, skips, and leaps” students and teachers took together to meet the unique needs of every learner? How might we understand this progress and, importantly, set conditions to move forward even further together?

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn about concrete innovations in teaching and learning practice that public school districts across the United States pursued during COVID-19.
  2. Consider how shifts in practice during the pandemic can spur longer-term, system-level innovation and improvement to support the learning of every student.
  3. Identify and reflect upon key conditions needed to grow and sustain more personalized, mastery-focused, and whole-child models in your own work and communities.



  • Beth Rabbitt, The Learning Accelerator