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Learn how an organization of 4,600 staff accessed professional learning through responsive, multimedia content anytime, anywhere. Learn the strategies and steps taken to redesign professional learning in a way that learners could interact and engage from anywhere and anytime with any device. Learn about the 126 courses and how learners completed 248,300 lessons and 33,800 hours of professional learning asynchronously.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the strategic process for a complete redesign of professional learning for a large organization.
  2. Understand best practices for leveraging the strengths of teams in the organization to support a revamp of professional learning models.
  3. Walk away with strategies to view professional learning through a new lens of availability and access convenient to the user.


  • Christalle Hart, Riverside Unified School District
  • Steve Kong, Riverside Unified School District
  • Steven Dunlap, Riverside Unified School District