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Join Liberty Public Schools (MO) as they transition from a more traditional grading model to competency-based grading through the process of personalized learning and learner agency. This interactive session includes small groups addressing problems of practice including, 1) entry points for teachers transitioning to competency-based learning (CBL), 2) enabling conditions in schools/districts that allow for easier transitions, and 3) examples of resources, processes, and tools used by teachers to support the CBL work.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Examine a variety of entry points for teachers looking to move from a traditional teaching, learning, and grading model to competency-based learning.
  2. Unpack enabling conditions present in your own system to provide a strong start and deeper traction to the work of transitioning to competency-based learning.
  3. Evaluate a variety of examples of resources, processes, and tools to transition from traditional teaching, learning, and grading to competency-based learning.


  • Jeanette Westfall, Liberty Public Schools
  • Scott Heeke, Liberty Public Schools
  • Carrie Gabriel, Liberty Public Schools
  • Amanda Primm, Liberty Public Schools