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As educators adjust back to in-person instruction, the varied support needs of students with and without disabilities are left unknown. How do we learn from the past challenges in teaching to adapt our practices in ways that meet the needs of all in a more equitable and sustainable way? Join the Educating All Learners Alliance, CAST, and TIES Center as we provide a helicopter view and practical tips on how to engage students with disabilities in order to make learning accessible for all.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Reflect on the barriers students with disabilities face in regards to learning as they return to the physical classroom.
  2. Learn how inequities help us to identify opportunities to better meet the needs of students with and without disabilities.
  3. Learn tangible tips for implementing accessible and equitable instructional practices for all learners in your classrooms.


  • Treah Hutchings, InnovateEDU
  • Elizabeth Hartmann, TIES Center
  • Dr. Deborah Taub, OTL Education Solutions