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COVID-19 has compounded barriers to opportunity for youth who our education system underserves. Additional trained adults in tutor, success coach, mentor, or college advisor roles can help address educational and developmental challenges magnified by COVID-19, enabling schools and communities to address inequities while supplementing educator capacity. Hear from practitioners implementing student success corps models about how they are creating ecosystems for student support including lessons learned.

Session Learning Outcomes:

    1. Reflect on the barriers students who have historically been underserved by the U.S. education system face in returning to school.
    2. Learn strategies for implementing an ecosystem of evidence-based, relationship-driven, people-powered supports in their schools, districts, and communities.
    3. Learn about existing programs that have implemented a range of models that support student success and promote equity during and beyond the pandemic.


  • Erin Mote, InnovateEDU
  • Tasha Booker, City Year
  • Reggie Lynn Agulto, City Year
  • AJ Gutierrez, Saga Education
  • Craig Robinson, College Possible
  • Robert Balfanz, Ph.D., Everyone Graduates Center, Johns Hopkins University School of Education