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In this session, students from Opportunity Academy (OA) will showcase their work and discuss how intentionally designed project-based learning units kept them engaged—even through remote learning—helping them build the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in high school and beyond. OA’s school leader and his coach will discuss how students solve real-world problems, engage in their community, and use their voice. Attendees will get guidance on how to leverage key practices and principles in their own context.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand how learning experiences must be rigorous and purposeful in order to prepare students for college and career success.
  2. Hear from students about how Transformative Learning Experiences help them stay engaged in school and allow them to build their identities as learners.
  3. Learn about the key elements of a project-based Transformative Learning Experience and understand how competency-based education plays a role in supporting student success.



  • Geofrey Schmidt, Opportunity Academy
  • Izayah Rivera, Opportunity Academy
  • Jacob Ortiz Rosario, Opportunity Academy
  • Isaiah Acevedo, Opportunity Academy
  • Kenneth Daviau, Opportunity Academy
  • Christy Kingham, Springpoint