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By design, social emotional learning (SEL) and competency-based education (CBE) support cultures of equity. The pandemic caused a disruption of learning across the country and illuminated the inequities among marginalized students. The response of educators will be critical to ensuring every student’s success. Come and engage in small group discussions to consider how employing SEL/CBE practices can advance equity, and develop actionable steps in supporting students academically and socially.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Acquire an understanding of how SEL and CBE can promote equity.
  2. Make connections between the implementation of SEL and CBE and positive student outcomes.
  3. Identify at least three implications of work in respective schools and districts to advance equitable practices.


  • De McKenzie, Education Consultant, Regional Education Lab Southeast | @REL_SE
  • Laura Knapp, Alliance Manager, Regional Education Lab Southeast | @lauknapptech