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For learner-centered, competency-based education to arise in schools and districts all across this country, state-level and national intermediary organizations have become critically important within state educational ecosystems. As education generally has become more political, and subject to electoral changes, it has become increasingly difficult for federal and state agencies and leaders to support the work necessary over time. A panel of intermediary leaders will share learning experiences.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learners will gain information in what it means to be an equity-seeking leader in a new learning ecosystem supporting all students.
  2. Learners will gain skills in organizational development and positioning necessary to establish an intermediary function in their state or locality.
  3. Learners will learn ways to interrogate their own systems with regards to creating an equity-seeking capacity to ensure opportunities for all students.


  • Paul Leather, Director, Interstate Learning Community, Center for Innovation in Education
  • Gretchen Morgan, State Engagement Advisor, Center for Innovation in Education
  • Ellen Hume-Howard, CEO, New Hampshire Learning Initiative
  • Rebecca Holmes, CEO, Colorado Education Initiative
  • Tony Monfiletto, Executive Director, Future Focused Education