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Competency-based education (CBE) can ensure high levels of success among traditionally under-served students. This session will explore CBE as an equity strategy that may be used to dismantle tracking regimes and enhance culturally-sustaining pedagogies; how to avoid using CBE in ways that exacerbate inequities; and a research agenda for capturing implementations that produce disproportionately positive impacts among under-served populations.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Be able to describe how CBE can be a de-tracking/equity strategy, based on research, theory, and implementation stories from KnowledgeWorks partnerships.
  2. Leave with a greater understanding of the indicators that may be used to capture whether and how much a CBE intervention promoted equity in specific populations.
  3. Be able to apply targeted “look-fors” when assessing how well a school or system is implementing CBE as an equity strategy.


  • Eric Toshalis, Senior Director of Impact, KnowledgeWorks | @knowledgeworks
  • Virgel Hammonds, Chief Learning Officer, KnowledgeWorks | @VirgelHammonds