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Do school quality reviews reinforce inequities? In this interactive session, participants will explore an alternative: an inclusive, holistic school quality review system that prioritizes culturally-sustaining practices and equitable outcomes. Participants will engage with the Center for Collaborative Education’s (CCE) field-tested school quality tools, discuss culturally-sustaining approaches to school quality, and develop plans for how to build holistic, equity-minded school quality review systems in their own settings.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop early plans for a culturally sustaining school quality review system using CCE’s systems and tools as resources.
  2. Learn about and engage with new tools to support inclusive and culturally-responsive school self-assessments for quality.
  3. Learn the hallmarks of school quality review systems that are culturally-sustaining, holistic, and aligned with the pursuit of equitable outcomes.


  • Diana Lebeaux, Director, District and School Design Programs, Center for Collaborative Education
  • Peter Piazza, School Quality Measures Project Director, Center for Collaborative Education