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The world has changed; so too must our education system.

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Why We Created the Symposium

The Symposium brings together experts, practitioners, teachers, policymakers, technical assistance providers, and researchers to offer an opportunity for deepening understanding on a variety of new student-centered learning models while affording a big picture view on the future of K-12 education. It is a forum to showcase the field’s brightest ideas; emerging trends; and the models, strategies, and tools that are transforming K-12 schools around the globe.

Who Is the Symposium for?

Are you…

  • An education leader planning and launching innovative, next gen learning models who is ready to get started with personalized, competency-based education?
  • A policymaker that wants to push your education system forward to best serve students?
  • A researcher exploring next gen teaching and learning models?
  • A technical assistance provider supporting education transformation?
  • An innovator in K-12 education looking to find like-minded colleagues?

If any of these descriptions apply to you, then the Symposium is the place for you!

A middle school teacher listens during a team planning session.
In Attendees’ Own Words
``A game-changing symposium. Enlightening, interesting and motivating!``

``We have recently begun the PCBL transition and hearing the experiences and stories of other districts engaged in these practices expanded my knowledge. I also really enjoyed the international perspective and hope there would be more in future symposiums. Hands down one of the best conferences I've attended in years!``

``Even though I LIVE in a rural community, I had never stopped to consider that the very things I love about my community are assets that could be leveraged in our schools. It's easy to get bogged down in thinking deficit-based around what rural schools lack - this was a refreshing perspective that changed my thinking.``

``Always interesting to hear about others' journeys in this work. Thank you for including teacher and student voices. It is so important to hear from them and understand the impact at their levels and also how they have struggled, learned, and been successful in the work.``

``I believe that teachers and school leaders are yearning for discrete examples of how this kind of approach to teaching can and does look. Thank you to our speakers for providing that even in your limited speaking time. It was amazing!``