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Recently, there’s been increased interest in the use of design-thinking within K-12 education. But too often, this theory fails to acknowledge the role of institutional bias and individual blind spots. During this session, DC Public Schools’ Design Lab and Equity Strategy & Programming Team will share hands-on strategies, practices, and lessons learned with other equity-minded practitioners interested in making their human-centered design work more inclusive and equitable.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand how EquityxDesign enhances traditional design by acknowledging the importance of designer and user identities – including race, class, and gender identities.
  2. Use an equity lens to reflect on current strengths and growth areas within your classroom, school, or organization to identify areas to apply EquityxDesign practices.
  3. Practice various equity-focused empathy tools to build a deeper understanding of yourself and your user.


  • Constance Parham, Manager, School Design and Innovation, DC Public Schools Design Lab | @Constance_Belle
  • Lizz Rene, Manager, Equity Strategy and Programming, DC Public Schools Design Lab |  @DCPSEquity