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Educational Games News & Research Podcast (Guest blogger)

Education Domain Blog

Author(s): Anuar Andres Lequerica

Issue(s): Issues in Practice

One of iNACOL interns has started an educational games news and research podcast. Anuar Andres Lequerica is today’s guest blogger to share his wonderful new adventure into educational games. Enjoy!

Me and a colleague have created a monthly serious games podcast that summarizes the latest news and research in the field of game-based learning. We noticed that serious games news was spread out over the different websites, blogs, twitter accounts, LinkedIn groups of the major players in the field. We thought it would be of service to create a podcast and newsletter that summarizes the big developments each month.

If anybody is interested in helping us with any part the podcast (production, news gather, hosting, etc.), send me an email: [email protected]! Also, feel free to send us news stories, research, events, and jobs posting, so we can include them in next month’s podcast.