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Aurora Institute

The Aurora Institute provides policy expertise, issue analysis and technical assistance with a focus on advancing innovations in education to dramatically improve student learning. We are a strong advocate promoting excellence and equity for all students, especially student groups most underserved by traditional one-size-fits-all models and systems.

Our Policy Priorities

The Center for Policy works to educate federal, congressional and state education policy leaders on K-12 education programs and issues to advocate a future-focused, student-centered position on diverse issues affecting our education systems toward transformation.


The Aurora Institute regularly develops policy priorities to advance modern education systems that prepare all graduates to thrive.

Federal Policy Priorities State Policy Priorities

A National Snapshot of K-12 Competency-Based Education State Policy Across the U.S.

This map provides a national snapshot of state policies across the United States to enable and advance K-12 competency-based education systems (CBE). Across the country, the landscape of policy is changing. Every year more states establish pilots, innovation zones, and new initiatives. Most of the states with seat-time policies that acted as barriers have found new ways of allowing waivers or credit flexibility for CBE. This map is updated as we learn of new state policy developments.

Advanced States

States with clear policies in support of competency-based education and established roles in building educator capacity in local systems for competency-based education.

Developing States

States with pilots for competency-based education, and/or credit flexibility policies for school districts to transition to competency education.

Emerging States

States getting started with task forces; some state policy flexibility requiring waivers for systems to shift to competency-based education.

No Active Policy in CBE

States with policies focused on seat-time credits without competency-based pathways.

For Policymakers

Contact one of our policy experts for more information and technical assistance.

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