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Weekend Reading List

Education Domain Blog

Author(s): Susan Patrick

Issue(s): Issues in Practice

Five Things I’ve Learned…
The Pearson Foundation has launched “Five Things I’ve Learned”, a collection of personal reflections from education leaders. Entries from Susan Patrick, Tom Vander Ark, Michael Horn and many others…

4 more cyber charters set to open as lawmakers debate charter funding
Philadelphia Inquirer
While debate continues in Harrisburg over a state formula that some say wastes taxpayer money by inflating payments to cyber charter schools, four more schools are set to open in the fall. After rejecting seven new cyber applications earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Department of Education has…

The School of The Future. It Already Exists.
KXL-FM (Portland, OR)
Oregon public schools are in crisis. Districts are cutting teachers, art and music programs, and even closing schools. All of this due to budget cuts, and all of this affecting your child’s education. What if there was a new way? A better way? Well, there is, and it’s called Oregon Connection Academy…

The evolving classroom: Lessons go virtual
On any given Sunday night, your child’s teacher might face this problem: How do you come up with a lesson plan for 20 or more students for an entire week when all your students are learning at a different pace? Mike is great at reading but needs help in math. Katie excels in science but struggles with… (read)

Cyber schools face tougher standards
The Mercury (Pottstown, PA)
Hannah Tuffy, a Pennsylvania Cyber School graduate from Scranton, was recently accepted to the prestigious U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where she will go on to serve her nation with excellence.  This honorable fact doesn’t square with Mr. Bonekemper’s recent opinion letter… (read)