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What’s New in Competency-Based Higher Education?

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Author(s): Natalie Slocum

Issue(s): Issues in Practice, Learn Lessons from the Field

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Competency and Academic Standards Exchange

Based on the Technical Interoperability Pilot (TIP) research with C-BEN institutions, IMS Global’s CBE workgroup has published the Competency and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) specification ( CASE enables edtech tools to manage and exchange competency-based curricular data along with aligned rubrics. By replacing spreadsheet-processes with CASE exchanges, institutions can both realize efficiencies and progress toward a digital credentials-based ecosystem.

Major features enabled by CASE include:

  • Institutional management of a digital curriculum supporting competencies, related courses and external frameworks
  • Flexible structures for a wide variety of curricular types, hierarchies and levels of detail – each institution can have their own competency program and structure
  • Versioning of curriculum elements to support stable change over time
  • Faculty-driven, criterion-referenced assessments using aligned rubrics
  • Content which can be tailored to local terms, semantics and vocabularies
  • Options to share curricular alignments to external frameworks
  • Competency and rubric publishing to Credential Engine’s Registry
  • A feature to match learning-resources to curriculum when connected to supporting publishers
  • Support for a lifelong learning ecosystem based on institution-verified statements and represented in digital credentials such as digital extended transcripts and badges
  • Free public access to open source standards and code for inclusion in commercial and proprietary systems

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