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What’s New in Competency-Based Higher Education?

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Author(s): Natalie Slocum

Issue(s): Issues in Practice, Learn Lessons from the Field

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  • During a LinkedIn seminar, Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell discussed the changing nature of higher education students and the associated need to create new accountability measures and assessment tools to gauge the new definitions of success.
  • Paul LeBlanc wrote an Inside Higher Ed essay calling for new competency-based regulatory frameworks with enough latitude to provide for both innovation and learning, enough quality assurance to discourage poor programs, and enough regulatory oversight to prevent abuses.

Competency-Based Higher Education Models

Connecting CBE to the Job Market

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Other News in Higher Ed CBE

  • A U.S. News & World Report article examines 5 signs for students to determine if a competency-based higher education program might be appropriate for their field.
  • Growth in competency-based higher education has been stymied by significant technology challenges and lack of software support. The Technical Interoperability Pilot (TIP) project, founded by and for the C-BEN, is designed to incorporate vendors on finding solutions to seamlessly support the scale and operational integrity required to meet accreditor and regulator scrutiny.
  • The American Academy of Arts and Sciences will be forming The Commission on the Future of Undergraduate Education, which will examine the vast and expanding array of learning options available to high school graduates. The Academy received $2.2 million from the Carnegie Corporation of New York for this 3-year initiative.
  • The New Hampshire Coalition for Business & Education, established by business, education and philanthropic leaders committed to improving education, calls for partnership to support increased rigor, expectations, and accountability in competency education and early childhood intervention programs.


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