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Amplifying Authentic Whole-School Student-Led Learning – Lessons from an Australian School

This webinar will unpack how Prospect North Primary School, Adelaide, Australia, ensures students takes center stage in their learning by creating an environment where student voice is heard and instrumental to every facet of operations. Students and award-winning principal Marg Clark will unpack how their school promotes agency, creating whole-child learning, and amplifying learnings through The Connection (an Australian network of best practice low SES schools) across the system.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Participants will learn from students how they are empowered to drive their learning and own their assessment, modelling best practice.
  • Participants will learn how school administers/leaders and teachers can integrate student voice with every aspect of curriculum delivery and assessment.
  • Participants will learn how networks can amplify good practice in whole-child personalized learning across multiple schools and state boundaries.


  • Marg Clark, Principal, Prospect North Primary School (Australia), @clark_marg, @ProspectNorthPS
  • Erin Corbyn, Associate Director, Education, Social Ventures Australia, @erincorbyn
  • Nick Johns, Associate Director, Education, Social Ventures Australia, @johns_education