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An Introduction to Student Exhibition Nights

Host: Simpsonville Elementary School

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Educators across the nation are co-creating with students authentic, real-world personalized learning opportunities to promote deeper learning and prepare all students for success. Some schools are implementing student exhibition nights as a means for students to showcase projects, celebrate learning, and engage in interactive learning opportunities with their families, community members, and special guests.

Exhibition nights offer students the opportunity to drive their own learning experiences, while demonstrating mastery of learning targets to their peers, families and communities. Exhibitions are authentic, connected to a student’s interests and passions, and tied to their personalized learning goals.

In this archived webinar, teachers at Simpsonville Elementary School (KY) share their experiences with implementing Student Exhibition Nights at their school. Teachers will share tips on making exhibition nights a success, examples of student projects, and ways to promote student agency, voice and choice in the learning process. Learn promising practices to bring student exhibition nights to your school or district.


  • Molly Smith, 2ndGrade Teacher, Simpsonville Elementary School
  • Erika Darin, 3rdGrade Teacher, Simpsonville Elementary School
  • Katie Strange, 4thGrade Teacher, Simpsonville Elementary School
  • Ty Barnett, 5thGrade Teacher, Simpsonville Elementary School