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Aurora Institute Symposium 2020 – A Primer on Submitting Presentation Proposals

Host: Aurora Institute

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Are you interested in presenting at the Aurora Institute Symposium in October 2020? View our archived webinar where we offer insights on the Request for Proposals (RFP) process. In addition, we’ll share pointers that will help you craft a standout session proposal. We seek to host sessions that generate meaningful collaboration, foster engagement, and share knowledge. For the upcoming RFP, it is essential to include in your proposal how you plan to incorporate interactivity with, and among, attendees, as well as how your session will dive deeply into critical topics for the field.

View this webinar to learn about the Symposium RFP process, learn about the structure of the Symposium and session strands, hear tips to improve proposals, and discover ways to heighten interactivity in your session.


Bruce Friend, Chief Operating Officer

Christy Ellis, Events Project Manager