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Choice in Learning: Examination of Students’ Use of Flex Time in High School


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Legacy High School (LHS) in Bismarck, North Dakota, implements a schedule called flex-time that allows students choice in how they spend a portion of the school day outside of their regularly scheduled classes. Regional Educational Laboratories Central (REL Central) partnered with LHS to study how students use their flex-time. During this session, presenters will describe the LHS flex-time schedule, share findings from the REL Central study, and share how study data are being used to inform program improvements.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how flex-time can be incorporated into the school schedule to support student choice in learning.
  • Learn about a research study examining how students use their flex-time and how use varies by student demographic characteristics and academic achievement levels.
  • Identify steps that can be taken to support students’ effective use of their flex-time.


  • Tom Schmidt, Principal, Legacy High School, Bismarck Public Schools
  • Ben Johnson, Assistant Superintendent, Bismarck Public Schools |
  • Marc Brodersen, Senior Researcher, REL Central
  • Jeanette Joyce, Senior Researcher, REL Central | @Joycejc55
  • Ben Patton and Isabella Ternes, Legacy High School Students