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Competency Works: Spanning the Grades: A District Perspective on Implementing Competency Education

Host: CompetencyWorks

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This webinar provides practitioners, advocates and policymakers with the opportunity to hear directly from leaders at MSAD 15. Located in Gray-New Gloucester, Maine, these innovators began transforming their district to a student-centered, proficiency-based model. This webinar addresses the following questions:

  • Why did MSAD 15 decide to embrace a proficiency-based model?
  • What was the pre-implementation process?
  • What was the overall structure or approach used?
  • What were the major implementation issues?
  • How does MSAD 15’s approach vary across elementary, middle, and high schools?


Download the slidedeck or recording to gain insight into MSAD 15’s transformation to a student-centered learning model.