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Exploring Innovative School Models in the Canopy Project’s Interactive National Database


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Newly released data from the Canopy project provide an overview of how 200+ schools are innovating during the COVID-19 era. In this webinar, we will:

  1. Describe the Canopy Project’s crowdsourced approach to building collective knowledge on a more diverse set of innovative schools across the country.
  2. Share trends in how the most innovative schools are redesigning their models to advance personalization, nurture relationships, build an anti-racist society, and ensure well-being for every student.
  3. Invite discussion on emerging trends in school model innovation and on what kinds of analyses the Canopy project should prioritize moving forward.
  4. Provide guided access to an interactive data portal that allows education leaders, school designers, and researchers to see both the “trees”—individual schools—and the whole “forest” of schools that are innovating.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the goals and function of the Canopy project (to build collective knowledge via open data on innovative school models, lift up a diverse set of schools via nationwide crowdsourcing, etc.).
  • Know how to use the data portal to answer your own learning questions.
  • Have one concrete idea for how to use the project’s resources to make progress on a pre-existing question or goal (i.e., solve one of your pre-existing “jobs to be done”).

Target Audience: Educators, system leaders, policymakers, intermediary/third-party organizations, researchers, and anyone who wants to see a field-wide overview of innovative learning models



This event is generously sponsored by The Leon Lowenstein Foundation.