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Issues in Practice, Activate Student Agency

How Teachers Can Spark Student Agency

Host: iNACOL

Creating educational opportunities for students to develop agency, voice and choice are critical to helping students develop the skills and dispositions to be successful in college, career and life.

According to the World Economic Forum, the top-sought skills for employees in 2020 are predicted to include complex problem solving, coordinating with others, emotional intelligence, and cognitive flexibility. Teachers developing agency in students use strategies to coach them in lifelong learning skills, such as growth mindset, meta-cognition, social and emotional learning, and habits of learning — cultivating skills and dispositions important for the future of work.

Join this webinar to learn ways teachers can encourage voice and choice with their students. Explore how Henry County Schools (HCS) are implementing personalized learning plans to chart learning paths that are unique to each student, tailoring learning to students’ strengths, needs and interests. Learn strategies and practices to co-design learning experiences and work alongside students to help shape their learning trajectories. Understand how HCS designs authentic learning experiences that help inspire passion and creativity in the teaching and learning process.