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Issues in Practice, How to Get Started

Lessons from Advanced Online Teachers and Advice for Getting Started in Online Teaching


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Teaching online requires a unique skill set. We are hosting an upcoming webinar focused on best practices on online teaching in the context of continuity of learning during the coronavirus school closures. View this archived webinar to hear directly from teachers who have decades of experience in remote teaching online.

Online teaching requires strategies, tools, and new methods for engagement and participation. How do teachers build culture and community in online classrooms? What are strategies for learner engagement? What methods support high-quality instruction and assessment for anytime, anywhere learning? Bring these questions and more to a live webinar with presentations, chat interactions, questions and answers, and an exclusive opportunity to engage in virtual learning with online teachers. The webinar will emphasize guidance for teachers who have suddenly made the shift to remote teaching and learning with little notice due to COVID-19.

We encourage expert online teachers and beginners alike to listen and find inspiration during these unprecedented and challenging times.