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NCAA High School Initial-Eligibility Policy Updates: Expanding Opportunity for Student-Centered Learning

This webinar was recorded on February 23, 2023. You can find the slides and the recording below.

NCAA initial-eligibility policies sit at the nexus of secondary education, higher education, and college athletics. Trends in those respective realms have led to several updates in NCAA high school review practices to accommodate student-centered and competency-based learning.

This webinar included a discussion with staff from the NCAA Eligibility Center and South Kent School in Connecticut. Panelists provided an overview of NCAA high school review policies, updates, and considerations for competency- or mastery-based models.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the context and purpose of NCAA high school review policies.
  • Identify key challenges and opportunities for review policy updates.
  • Synthesize policy updates into practical steps to continue supporting student-athletes.


  • Kevin Benz, Dean of Humanities, South Kent School
  • Jesse Brennan, Humanities Teacher/Mastery Group Lead, South Kent School
  • Raphael Chillious, Athletic Director/Director of Basketball/Prep Basketball Coach, South Kent School
  • Sarah Overpeck, Director of High School Review, NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Kaylen Overway, Assistant Director of High School Review, NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Lynn Mellis Worthington, Academic Coordinator/College Counselor/Humanities Teaching Faculty, South Kent School

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