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Next Generation Credentials: Rethinking the High School Diploma

This webinar was recorded on September 6, 2023. You can find the slides and the recording below.

The typical student walks away from their K-12 education with a high school transcript – a laundry list of all of the courses they took in high school and the grades they earned in those classes. But these static documents have never truly captured the full breadth of what a student knows and is able to do upon leaving high school, let alone be helpful for continued learning after. We know that every learner will take their own path in life, and it certainly doesn’t end after high school. Each student’s journey is unique – where they develop new skills and deeper levels of expertise on foundational skills.

Effectively capturing what an individual knows and is able to do over their lifetime of learning requires far more than a traditional high school transcript or diploma. To provide a meaningful alternative to this outdated approach, education innovators across the country are creating breakthrough models to transform how we document and validate learning both inside and outside the classroom.

This webinar included an overview of innovative alternatives to the traditional high school transcript, along with state policy recommendations on designing next generation credentials as outlined in the Aurora Institute publication, Going Beyond the Traditional: Next Gen Credentials and Flexible Learning Pathways.


  • Laurie Gagnon, Aurora Institute
  • Andrea Purcell, Big Picture Learning
  • Lenny Oppedisano, Big Picture Learning in Syracuse
  • Jess DeCarolis, Vermont Department of Education
  • Students – Peyton Metruk and Ella Ferrone, Bellows Free Academy in Fairfax, VT

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