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Strengthening the Learning Relationships Between Teachers, Families, and Students: Our Framework, Interventions, and Evaluation Efforts


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Research has long shown that families play a critical role in student academic outcomes, specifically when their involvement is linked to curriculum. The role of families in learning has grown more critical as we transition into an uncertain year of distance and hybrid learning, with an urgent need to create equitable learning experiences and lessen COVID-19 learning gaps. By strengthening the triangle of learning relationships between teachers, families, and students, schools can activate the full potential of all families as academic team members to better personalize learning. 

In this session, participants will learn about the types of support we’ve provided to teachers and families both prior to and during COVID-19 school closures, and the results we’ve seen. We’ll explore a new framework for deepening teacher practice and a research-based innovation designed to support teacher practice—mobile-friendly, multilingual assignments where students “teach their parents.”  We’ll also share learnings from our Strategic Evidence Plan (SEP) and research partnerships. 

Participants will engage in questions around the conditions needed to create equitable learning experiences and evaluate impact in an uncertain time.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will gain an understanding of PowerMyLearning’s research-based interventions for strengthening the triangle of learning relationships between students, partners and teachers.
  2. Participants will explore the successes and challenges of our evaluation efforts, including our research partnerships, Strategic Evidence Plan and impact studies.



  • Elisabeth Stock, CEO & Co-Founder, PowerMyLearning | @Elisabeth_Stock
  • Maryell Hernández, Program Learning Specialist, Greater Los Angeles, PowerMyLearning
  • Emily Amick, Director of Professional Learning, PowerMyLearning