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Aurora Institute


Commit to Equity, Evaluate Quality, Design for Educational Equity, Create Enabling Conditions for Competency-Based Education

Taking an Equity-Based Approach to Advancing a Research and Learning Agenda


City Year is on a learning journey focused on taking an equity-based approach to research and evaluation while gleaning information on effectively personalizing learning for students. Participants will learn how City Year is managing its portfolio of research projects, designed to highlight effective approaches to personalizing learning environments, while ensuring practices are equity-based. Participants are invited to provide feedback, ask questions, and determine how we might move forward.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Explore six current evaluations focused on learning how to take a holistic approach to personalizing the learning environment for students.
2. Discuss best practices for ensuring research implementation remains equity-focused.
3. Collaborate on imagining a future that ensures an equity-based approach to learning about best practices in personalized learning.


The following resource is offered as advanced reading for this session. A few attendees may volunteer to share reflections on this selection.


  • Jessica Proett, Director, External Evaluation, City Year
  • Jade Eckels, Education Research Fellow, City Year
  • Dr. Eliot Levine, Research Director, Aurora Institute  –  @Eliot_Levine (Moderator)