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Aurora Institute Named Winner of U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Future of Data Design Challenge

The Aurora Institute is honored to be named a winner of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Future of Data in K-12 Education Design Challenge. The Design Challenge was launched as part of the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s Future of Data initiative, which seeks to create better education outcomes for all K-12 students through improved measurement of student learning.

The Aurora Institute’s winning proposal called for the nation to move away from an assessment and accountability system that focuses on ranking and sorting students and schools and towards a system that is rooted in metrics defined by the local community and what its members value most in an education system. Building this system requires communities to engage in conversations around the purpose of education, develop a Profile of a Graduate, and then identify metrics that would enable continuous improvement. Designing effective, future-focused accountability systems requires making space to pilot and innovate new approaches that are rooted in more meaningful and modern definitions of student success.

You can read more about all of the winners, and dive into the Aurora Institute’s winning proposal, here. 

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