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An Exploration of At-Risk Learners and Online Education

Author(s): Cathy Cavanaugh, Daryl Diamond, Denise Foures-Aalbu, Donna Scribner, Jared Richardson, Leanna Archambault, Marla Coffey, Michael K. Barbour, Regina Brown, Vassliki Zygouris-Coe

Organization(s): iNACOL

Issue(s): Issues in Practice, Commit to Equity, Rethink Instruction

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This issues brief analyzes how online programs deal with at-risk students. First, the authors document a sampling of K-12 online program strategies for at-risk students. Second, the report provides survey responses to determine online delivery and design methods employed to assist at-risk students.

Browse this issues brief for specific recommendations regarding at-risk learners in virtual school environments.