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Aurora Institute

Issue Brief

Aurora Institute’s 2022 State Policy Priorities

The Aurora Institute’s new broad-based policy agenda issues a call-to-action for state education policymakers and provides twelve recommendations informed by the wisdom and expertise of more than 8,500 members in its community. Taken together, the policy priorities challenge lawmakers and education decision-makers to wield their influence and take advantage of existing opportunities to disrupt the traditional one-size-fits-all model of K-12 teaching and learning and unleash learning from the confines of place and time. The priorities include:

  • Establishing a statewide profile of a graduate
  • Modernizing state education funding
  • Advancing racial equity in education
  • Increasing educator workforce diversity
  • Modernizing the educator workforce
  • Advancing competency-based education policies
  • Establishing innovation zones
  • Investing in COVID-19 learning recovery
  • Transforming systems of assessments
  • Rethinking next generation accountability
  • Expanding access to broadband
  • Creating competency-based pathways across K-12, higher education, career and technical education and the workforce

Download our 2022 state policy recommendations for a full analysis of these issues. Policymakers at all levels are encouraged to contact the Aurora Institute Center for Policy for more information or assistance.