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Aurora Institute


Online Learning: Top 5 Federal Policy Issues

Author(s): iNACOL

Organization(s): iNACOL

Issue(s): Federal Policy, Design for Educational Equity, Create Space to Pilot Systems of Assessments

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iNACOL released this policy brief providing federal legislators with background information and concrete, actionable recommendations on 5 key issues within student-centered, competency-based education. Online Learning: Top 5 Federal Policy Issues advocates for the following key policy takeaways:

  • Base accountability on individual student growth models to support student-centered, competency-based learning.
  • Support performance-based systems of assessments.
  • Support federal research for high-quality online learning.
  • Support human capital development through redesigned pre-service/in-service training for online and blended learning.
  • Ensure reliable and ubiquitous student access to the Internet and quality learning materials.

These federal policy recommendations are designed to transform the learning environment toward competency-based systems, where each student has access to a world-class education.