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A lot of time and energy is spent establishing a portrait of a graduate, inspiring us to develop students with these skills. How does this energy and vision translate into daily teaching and assessment? How do you report student progress on these transferable skills so students seek feedback towards mastering them? Join educators from Iron County School District where they have integrated their “Iron Essential 8” into their practice, culture, and even their student report cards and transcripts.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn how a vision for a portrait of a graduate can be translated into school and classroom design and practices that work in context for all students.
  2. Learn how to teach, assess, and report transferable skills and dispositions in a way that encourages students to seek feedback towards mastering them.
  3. Examine strategies used to ensure the vision for developing transferable social-emotional skills lives in the fabric of the school culture and student experience.


  • Cory Henwood, Innovation Coordinator, Iron County School District | @CoryHenwood
  • Heather Lambert, Educator, Launch High School | @LaunchHS
  • Cody Christenson, Educator, Launch High School