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Well-intentioned equity efforts often fail to recognize the systemic structures and practices that harm BIPOC students and members of marginalized communities. Key to any progress and impact lies in sharing power. Like many communities, Maine’s Regional School Unit No. 10 (RSU 10) needed to address the inequities that too many students experience. Hear powerful stories from students, families, and staff, and how, together, they are acknowledging their histories and building a coalition making real and inspiring progress.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn about the story of how, over the course of just two years, a district and community have partnered to address inequity in their schools.
  2. Review the key elements and strategies for engaging in authentic equity work in schools.
  3. Reflect on your own community’s equity efforts and identify a viable next step to take to continue (or initiate) this work.


  • Christina Horner, Great Schools Partnership
  • Jean Haeger, Great Schools Partnership
  • Clarissa Fish, RSU 10 Western Foothills
  • Jill Bartash, MSAD 17
  • Tom Danylik, RSU 10 Western Foothills
  • Ryan Casey, Julia Landon College Preparatory and Leadership Development Middle School
  • Jamaica Ford, Alumni of Mountain Valley High School, RSU 10 Western Foothills
  • Kasey Flagg, RSU 10 Western Foothills
  • Cheryl Gurney, RSU 10 Western Foothills