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The Aurora Institute Symposium offers an opportunity for attendees to build knowledge about next-generation learning models. Conference attendees examine practices and policies that will usher in the future of learning by drawing on the collective wisdom and expertise of education leaders, practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and decision makers from around the country and the globe who are engaged in K-12 education innovations.

Symposium attendees come each year to connect to be in community with other education innovators, to be inspired, and to be challenged. They come to learn and share lessons learned, explore research, best practices, and policies to drive student-centered learning, and foster deep learning, real-world application of critical skills, and an orientation toward lifelong learning. The annual Symposium expresses a vision of a world where all people are empowered to attain the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to achieve success, contribute to their communities, and advance society. Together, we are working toward redesigning education.

Our collective efforts are disrupting inequitable K-12 education practices and supporting all youth to successfully face their futures. Join us for 3 days of active learning, critical examination of the most pressing issues in K-12 education, rigorous exploration of new learning models and supportive policy levers, dynamic investigations into how districts are managing and leading innovation, and full immersion into personalized, student-centered pedagogy. 

Join the field’s largest gathering of education innovators who are working to transform the future of teaching and learning in K-12 education. Leave enlightened and equipped to take action in your community.

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