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During the pandemic, we saw school communities across the country move from recovery to reinvention with the goal of reimagining the experience of school for their young people. We believe a key factor in ensuring student progress rests in starting with the humans at the center of school. We invite you to learn about Conversations with Kids: Walking the Road to Reinvention, where we hone in on the importance of listening to students to drive progress toward Leaps for Equitable Learning.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Deepen an understanding of The Leaps and how we can use conversations and interviews to better understand how young people are currently experiencing schools.
  2. Hear top-line takeaways about what our student survey data is revealing about school for kids.
  3. Learn how to engage in a conversation with students to better understand their school experience and then make meaning of what you’re hearing to activate change.


  • Jenee Henry Wood, Transcend
  • David Nitkin, Transcend
  • Cory Steiner, Northern Cass School District
  • Seskia Anderson, Northern Cass High School